Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Vote: Duran Duran Takes it All

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vote: Duran Duran takes it all

By Tony Hicks and Jim Harrington

The readers have spoken. And they say that, out of 32 acts that have been so far snubbed by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Duran Duran is most worthy to be inducted next.

You fans were hungry for the Rock Hall. Like wolves.

Yes, those uber-fashionable, 1980s art school boys from Britain have won our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame challenge, beating fellow British finalist Depeche Mode 14,409 votes (54 percent) to 12,384.

What does this mean? Will this sway the real members of the induction committee at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Do they even know about our little contest?

Probably not. But it was kind of fun, wasn't it?

Duran Duran beat a field that included Kiss, the Cars, Iron Maiden, and lots of other bands with seriously-dedicated followings. So you middle-aged women still wearing pastel T-shirts cut at the shoulder to one side should be proud. Your wild boys won.

Actually, Duran Duran beat Depeche Mode more easily than it beat Kiss in the semifinals, where they garnered 52 percent of the vote.

Perhaps next year some of these bands -- all of those mentioned qualify for the ballot -- will be on their way to the real Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On April 18, Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, Albert King, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, Lou Adler and Quincy Jones will be inducted at a ceremony in Los Angeles. The ceremony will be broadcast on HBO May 18.

Maybe we can talk about it all over again next year. Meanwhile, go Duran Duran. Thanks for voting.

Courtesy Contra Costa Times