Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Can Duran Duran Dominate Again?

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Duran Duran fans are "Hungry Like the Wolf" for their favorite band to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the second round of our contest to see which previously snubbed act most deserves to be enshrined, readers overwhelmingly voted that Duran Duran needs to be in the hall. The classic British new wave band received a staggering 6,476 nods of approval, by far the most of any act in this recently concluded round of 16.

Duran Duran knocked out Iron Maiden, which, had the second highest vote tally of any act -- 4,007.

Next up for Duran Duran is Devo -- in a matchup of the top vote getters of the second and first rounds, respectively. Devo got to the third round by easily defeating Roxy Music (1,756 to 768).

The closest battle was Janet Jackson vs. Def Leppard, with Michael's sister edging the pop-metal titans by a mere 17 votes. She'll next face KISS, who took 56 percent of the vote in its battle against Cheap Trick. (By the way, KISS fans still haven't gotten behind their band in the numbers we predicted -- KISS Army, are you out there?)

The Cure earned its spot in the Elite Eight by putting the Monkees on the "Last Train to Clarksville," 800 votes to 503. Now, Robert Smith's band will try to pass the Cars, who zoomed by the Go-Go's 777 to 406. The last matchup is Peter Gabriel, who defeated Journey 612 to 495, vs. Depeche Mode, who took out Joan Jett 860 to 658.

Who will advance to the Final Four? You decide.

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