Nick Rhodes Makes His Directorial Debut for TV Mania Single “Beautiful Clothes”

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Nick Rhodes Makes His Directorial Debut for TV Mania Single “Beautiful Clothes.” Music Video Premieres Today on Yahoo Music in the US, GQ in the UK, and Vogue Italia, who also have an exclusive interview with Nick Rhodes

New York, NY – April 30, 2013 – Duran Duran founding member and keyboardist Nick Rhodes has made his music video directorial debut with the song “Beautiful Clothes” from his TV Mania album Bored With Prozac and The Internet?. Watch the video, featuring model Chloe Lloyd, British GQ, Yahoo Music in the US, and Vogue Italia in Italy, where they are also featuring an exclusive interview with Nick Rhodes, all live today!

The album was released on March 12th this year after being discovered deep within the Duran Duran vaults. Originally created as the soundtrack to a bizarre Broadway musical, the songs on the album were composed using looping rhythm tracks and samples from various TV Shows. Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo (former Duran guitarist) created the collection after discovering a shared idea of a futuristic society where voyeurism was woven into the cultural fabric and people lived with little privacy. While this resonates with the present day, the album was created back in the mid-90s, two years before the movie, The Truman Show was released and four years before Survivor made its debut.

The duo recently hosted a competition with Lomography cameras that was inspired by the themes of the album. Participants submitted photos of what “Beautiful Clothes” meant to them for a chance to win special prizes. PRESS HERE to see the winning selections. Nick also displayed photographs taken from the “Beautiful Clothes” video shoot at The Vinyl Factory in London in a special exhibit entitled Bei Incubi, which translates to “Beautiful Nightmares.” PRESS HERE to see the collection.

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GQ in the UK
Yahoo Music in the US
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Praise for TV Mania:

"Music fans will be hard-pressed to find a more relevant record."- Huffington Post

“The idea behind…TV Mania was so prescient, it's a little eerie”-SPIN

“[TV Mania created] music about pop culture from within the belly of the beast.”-Rolling Stone

“Evokes the ennui of today's digital age”-V Magazine

“quite prophetic.”- Ladygunn