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Every month the fan community features a Q&A with someone notable in the Duran Duran community. Last month Karrie Goldberg, Founder of Kagency, submitted a written interview. You can read an excerpt below:

1. It seems your company does several different things. Can you tell us about it?

The core of the business focuses on 2 main aspects: the venue side is essentially a child of real estate & hospitality, where we are the agency that is responsible for booking events, film & photo for various venues (nightclubs,, hotels, event spaces, public parks, retail spaces, etc) & we also have a traditional booking agency for talent (Djs & graffiti artists).

2. How did you first hook up with Duran Duran?

Funny enough, I actually met Simon when I was running the door at Marche. Every year, I would have some sort of encounter with the band, like when I lived in Tokyo and ended up at Duran's after party sitting with Simon and talking about novels. Eventually, someone from their licensing team put me in touch with management and somehow I talked them into letting me throw their after party in NYC.

3. When did you decide you wanted to work with Roger?

I got a call from Duran's management team about 4 years ago regarding Roger looking to formalize his DJ bookings, so I gladly sat with him to discuss what I think we could do together. We have done a good mix of club bookings and corporate.

4. Since you've met all of the band members, what was your impression of them when you first met them?

I think the first thing that struck me is how jovial they all are- always smiling and telling fun stories. They all seem to have a way to block out the noise and really focus on the conversation, I have had a good chat with each of them and always look forward to hearing about their adventures.

5. Have you ever promoted any Duran Duran events?

Actually, yes— quite a few. I did help host their after party when they had their first reunion tour, that was an incredible evening. I also hosted the Red Carpet Massacre album launch in one of our venues, I think you may find me on the DVD bringing the guys out of the elevator. I also did some collaboration marketing when they played at Summer Stage, doing ticket give-aways and meet & greets.

Check out the Kagency website here and follow her company on twitter: @KAGEKONSULTING