Duran Duran Members have Plenty of Music on Offer

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While it will be another month or so before Duran Duran goes back to the studio with Mark Ronson to record a new album, several members of the band still have new musical offerings.

On Saturday, longtime Duran guitarist Dom Brown announced on duranduran.com that album "Blue to Brown," released last year, is available now on iTunes.

Bassist John Taylor sings on the new single by electronic music producers Koishii & Hush, "C'est Tout Est Noir." The duo is planning to release a limited-edition CD maxi single also featuring remixes. To get in on the action, visit Indiegogo.

Of course, keyboardist Nick Rhodes and former Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo are getting ready to release the long-awaited TV Mania project.

"We applied the very final finishing touches to the album artwork today," @TVManiaMusic shared on Twitter. "Really rather exciting, I do hope you will enjoy it."

"Bored with Prozac and The Internet?" is due for release March 11.

Courtesy Examiner.com