A Note from Koishii and Hush on C’est Tout est Noir’ feat. John Taylor

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With the first single from our album being released today, it is extra
special for us as it is a collaboration with John Taylor. As long-time fans
of Duran Duran, getting the opportunity to work with John was fantastic.
Before we started working on the album, we put together a wish list of
people we wanted to have on it and luckily enough John was into our idea
and agreed to take part.

After meeting with John at the Toronto show in April, 2010, we began
creating a backing track that would capture the mood and feel of what we
were looking for. Once we gave that to John, he began the process of writing
the lyrics and recording the vocals in LA. We think it is a cool fusion of
pop and electronic. Somewhat dark and sensual while maintaining an upbeat

John explains it as:

"I was asked by the trance duo Koishii and Hush to apply a little vocalizing
to a dark and tender groove they had been working on. Vocals are not my main
gig but I approached it as a follow up to 'I Do What I Do', the love song I
had contributed to the 'Nine 1/2 Weeks' soundtrack back in the day. What was
I thinking when I listen to the new track? For some reason, Les Crane's
'Desiderata' came into my mind ('Go placidly amidst the noise and haste..')
IN FRENCH.. I must have been missing Paris. 'C'est Tout est Noir'-
'Everything Is Black', is how I translate it, but I'm sure there could be a
few variations. Enjoy."

So far the fan feedback to the preview clips we have posted has been
fantastic and we are very grateful for their support. We are considering
doing some extra remixes and there is a video in the works by a well-known
director so watch this space...

The track and remixes are available on iTunes, Beatport and other fine
digital retailers.

Koishii & Hush on Beatport