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You may have noticed, I've gone a little quiet on Twitter of late. Don't think I haven't enjoyed our conversations, as always you have entertained me, made me think and more importantly made me laugh, as I stood in line in airports, thinking I might lose my mind if I had to pack a suitcase one more time and for this I am forever grateful. On the book tour, earlier this year, when I found myself without my band mates, rather than feeling like I was out there on my own, your tweets made me feel like I was traveling with an army. Now the time has come for Duran Duran to enter the studio once again and I can only liken the process to hibernation. In this instance, for me to bring you new music, I must gather and store my thoughts until they are ready to come out after a creative Winter. The process is both a rewarding and tricky one and I find I have to keep my ideas and thoughts to myself, in order for songs to develop. This year myself and the rest of the band, are engaged in a number of potentially cool creative projects, but they are all too under-developed to discuss at this stage.

There is tremendous energy to be stored in privacy, and so much work to do this year in order for us to bring you the record we want to make and the songs you so deserve. I have been referring to last year as 'The Year of Living Transparently', as putting the book out meant I chose to discuss aspects of my private life in public in a way I had not really done before, and because of this, I guess I also needed to claim back a little privacy. I hope you understand.

My gratitude to you all, as ever, is boundless.