10 Great Classic Alternative Rock Bands

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Alternative rock is often associated with the ‘90s grunge movement, when Nirvana’s Nevermind took center stage, leaving ‘80s hair metal trends in the dust. But, of course, the alternative music experience really started in the late-‘70s and ‘80s, when college radio embraced pretty much anything that mainstream radio wouldn’t—and that was a lot.

In honor of the pioneering bands that helped pave the way for the alternative sound, Gibson.com presents 10 Great Classic Alternative Rock Bands. What were your favorite early noise-makers? Give us your picks in the comments section below!


“Hungry Like the Wolf” hit-makers Duran Duran brought New Wave to the masses, largely thanks to MTV. The band’s supermodel good lucks and glamorous fashion made them music video superstars. The band’s rise to the top was quick in the early-to-mid-‘80s, and even though the popularly didn’t last too long, they’re one of the few ‘80s underground bands who were able to achieve such mainstream fanfare.

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