The DD Roundtable is Back (no, really)

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Hey, remember this post:

(The Roundtable) was such a hit last year, we've decided to do it again this year! Another Duran Duran Audio Roundtable is in the works...

Have a question for Simon-Nick-John-Roger? Send it in to with the subject line "RT2." We will compile the lot and choose the ones that we think would be of the most interest to listeners.

We're sorry we never got this off the ground as promised last year, but now, as the entire ALL YOU NEED IS NOW promotion and tour winds down, the band is interested in hearing from YOU. Send in the questions you'd like to ask the band, we will cull through and choose ones we think will appeal to everyone, and Katy is going to sit down with the band at the end of the month with her trusty recorder. Please note, we will be only accepting ONE question per email address (lesson learned) so make sure you send in a good one!