My 2012: Roger Taylor of Duran Duran

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Known for serving as Duran Duran's drummer, playing on countless hit singles and albums and performing at too many festivals to mention, Roger Taylor has spread his musical wings in recent years as a DJ. Spinning his unique brand of house at clubs like Cielo in New York to Pacha Ibiza, Taylor has taken to the medium like a duck to water. We checked in with this nonstop rhythm machine to find out his thoughts on 2012.

Proudest moment of 2012?
Playing with Duran Duran at the Hyde Park at the opening of the Olympics in Hyde Park. It felt like a special moment shared it with 70,000 people.

Best trip of 2012?
Recently DJ'ed just outside Venice, Italy. Boarded the aplane in London at 10 am and had lunch on the Grand Canal by 1 pm. What a life!

Favorite clothing purchase of 2012?
Vintage Italian leather jacket.

Favorite song of the year?
"Infinity" by Infinity Ink.

Best night out?
Having pizza with my one-year-old got messy.

What's your New Year's resolution?
To spend more time in the company of my higher self.

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