Meet Dawne Adams!

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The Duran Duran VIP Fan COmmunity recently had the chance to sit down and talk to touring percussionist Dawne Adams. You can read the full interview on the Fan Community site, but here's an excerpt for you here!

What inspired you, or drew you to, drumming?

Watching Live Aid in 1985 was what really inspired me to start playing ...... Watching Phil Collins play in 2 different continents on the same day seemed an amazing achievement for such a great cause. It was the first concert I had ever seen on TV like that and it really inspired me to want to achieve something memorable in my life. That inspiration then went full circle when I had the honour of playing with Pet Shop Boys in Red Square as part of 'Live 8' 20 years later in 2005!

What was your 1st professional gig?

Pet Shop Boys world tour 2000

How did you find your way to the Duran Duran ALL YOU NEED IS NOW tour?

Thankfully, it found me! I had toured with Jeffrey (The Wadrobe Master) before and he recommended me to Duran Duran and thankfully, they believed him and got in touch!

What are your impression of Roger, John, Nick & Simon?

Well ....... I've told Roger that it was his fault I took up the drums in the first place! (I'm not sure he really believes me though!) Roger is a really, really, really, good drummer. It's a real pleasure playing with him. He has a great technique, relaxed yet powerful and an extremely musical approach to playing. John has been very encouraging and supportive to play with. Nick often sends a smile my way during the show which is always nice and, as for Simon ...... well .... he's a damn fine tambourine player! They have all been extremely welcoming and I'm really enjoying working with them & Dom who I've also known for some years.

You can see some great photos of Dawne and the band on her website by clicking here!