Le Bon’s Faith in United

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Simon Le Bon has been famously fronting Duran Duran since 1978 - but following United for longer, dating back to 1968. Here the singer discusses his hopes for the season and recalls being late for a meeting with Sir Alex…

What’s your earliest United memory?
It was back in 1968 and I was at home with my dad. He shouted me into the back room and said ‘come and watch this.’ It was the European Cup final between United and Benfica. I just remember seeing Georgie Best go round the goalkeeper [for United’s second goal] and from then on United were my team for life.

What’s the best thing about being a Red?
There are a few things. I’ve made some great friends through football and I love to follow a team that has such great history and tradition. I absolutely love the colour red too so I had to support United!

How often do you get to Old Trafford?
Usually about two or three times a season, but I always make sure I find a way to see the games.

What’s your favourite OT moment?
One of the first matches I ever went to will always stand out. It was on New Year’s Day in 1977 against Aston Villa. I was stood in the Stretford End and we got given a penalty. As we were waiting for it to be taken this guy picked me up and lifted me above the whole crowd and started shouting and singing. We scored the penalty and won the game, but that moment really was an amazing one for me.

If you could swap places with one of the current players for a day who would it be and why?
[Pauses to think] I used to be a goalkeeper so I’d probably say one of the keepers. I’m a big fan of David De Gea – he’s a very talented player. I’d like to see how I went on stopping some shots in goal so I’ll say him.

Alternatively, if you could invite one of the players to be in the band for a day who would it be?
Definitely Ryan Giggs. He’s a great guy and I hear he’s a big music fan so he’d fit right in.

Tell us about your meeting with the boss and some of the players a few years ago…
Myself and John [Taylor] were invited to Carrington and Sir Alex’s first words when we arrived were ‘you’re late’ which we were...very! [Laughs]. We watched the team train and had a good chat with the manager and also Roy Keane who had been to our show the night before. John said to Roy ‘I bet it was your wife’s idea to come,’ and Roy was like, no it was me!

Finally, how do you see the second half of the season panning out?
I feel very relaxed about it and we’re in with a great chance of winning another title. There have been ups and downs this season – the derby defeat and Champions League exit were definitely big blows, but both acted as a bit of a wake-up call and I think there’s a real chance of us having a great rest of the season. We have a fantastic squad which is capable of great things. We just need everything to come together and I have faith that it will.

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LeBon's Faith in United