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In House With Duran Duran: Icons Blame Simon Le Bon's Beard for Vocal Trouble, Plan More Work With Mark Ronson

In House is AOL Music's series in which we welcome artists into our offices to play some music, chat with our staffers and, generally, just hang out. For our latest visit, Spinner sat down with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor to discuss their latest concert film, the Olympics and singer Simon LeBon's beard.

It's been 30 years since Duran Duran's second album Rio was released and they still show no signs of stopping. Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor are still on London time. Keyboardist Rhodes even admits that during their previous interview on "Good Morning America," he simply stopped thinking. But the gents powered through, even dabbling in a bit of office ping pong to fight the jet lag.

"We've had quite a dramatic year because Simon lost his voice," Taylor explains. "My mum said it was the beard. She said if he shaved the beard off his voice would come back."

The two members of Duran Duran were out and about promoting their latest concert DVD "A Diamond in the Mind," which features the band in true form, rocking better than ever.

"The great thing about being in Duran Duran is that you never know what's in store in the future," Rhoades admits, while noting that LeBon's vocal injury put the band's future in jeopardy. "We tend to splinter off at different tangents and somehow try to contain everything, which becomes whatever our next project is."

Thankfully, LeBon's searing pipes came back in full force, and the band is now getting ready to work with producer wunderkind Mark Ronson once again. Watch the video below to hear all the details.

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