Duran Duran’s Here Right Now

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On stage at DLD in Munich, John Taylor announced Here Right Now, a data visualization project inspired by “All You Need Is Now.”

Here Right Now is a partnership between Duran Duran and San Francisco-based Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) that aims to display people’s 'Now' from around the world. A series of word prompts — the first set inspired by words used in “All You Need Is Now” — runs along the top of the screen, inviting users to submit their vision of the word. Contribute to the project by uploading a photo of your Now on the globe. Here's how:

To share a photo of your Now:
1. Visit hererightnow.org
2. Enter the site and choose a word prompt from the top of the screen.
3. Choose a photo that represents your Now. Example: your View right Now; Sunrise right Now
4. Upload the image. Add your location, name, and email. (All fields are required.)
5. Submit your photo to become part of the view from around the world.

To browse others’ now:
1. Visit hererightnow.org
2. Click on an image on the globe, or browse by category using the words on the top of the page.

For a video demonstration, click here.

As a band, Duran Duran share their creativity with you. Now, they want to see your imagery in return. Show us your 'Now' and browse images posted from others across the globe. We can’t wait to see the results!