Duran Duran ‘We are Flattered to be Representing England’

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SIMON LE BON, of DURAN DURAN, England, says: We are very proud and indeed flattered to be representing England at this show. It’s something of a responsibility but we like to think you will not be disappointed come rain or shine!

After problems with my vocal cords last year I’m into a really great routine health-wise and looking after my voice with vocal exercises.

In the 30 years Duran Duran have been in existence, my voice has never been stronger. But we don’t stay up all night like we used to. Now the focus is very much on the show, making that the most important thing in our lives while we are on tour. We take it seriously.

In regard to sport and music, Rio has been played a few times when Rio Ferdinand has turned out for the England football team.

Olympics-wise I always like the gymnastics, particularly the women’s gymnastics – and I don’t mean that in a dirty raincoat kind of way. I’m just fascinated by what people can do with their bodies. And it’s incredible what the men do on the rings.

Track and field is also riveting and my favourite athlete is Mo Farah. He’s the kind of person who makes watching sport an emotional experience. I sail quite often. That’s the sport I’m involved in. It’s a tactical sport. I follow it closely and I will be very interested to see what happens in the Olympic sailing.

Now, 20 months into our world tour, the shows just get better and better. There’s plenty of dancing and singing. We haven’t played Hyde Park before so we are looking forward to performing in front of such a big audience. It’ll be an emotional day.

I’d say the best non-Duran song to psych up an athlete at the Olympics is Oasis’s Cigarettes And Alcohol. It’s going to be a spectacular few weeks, a lot of fun and energy.

After being on tour for a year and a half, it is my intention to take a decent-sized break. However, I get itchy Duran feet and can well see us back in the studio before long to work on the next album.

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