Duran Duran on Music Piracy: ‘Enormous Problem’ for Young Artists — Video

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Duran Duran are speaking up about internet piracy, just as Elton John, Robert Plant and other British musical stalwarts urge Parliament and Google to crack down on online stealing.

The band's Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor recently sat down with Spinner to talk about their new DVD "A Diamond in the Mind," and their continued discontent with illegal downloading.

"Online piracy has become an enormous problem and it really does need to be resolved," Rhodes tells Spinner. "I always urge young people who perhaps don't realize that taking people's music, films, games -- whatever it is -- that they ought to realize that if there's young artists they like, bands that are coming out now ... then they should invest, like a dollar a track to help the band get to the next album."

Duran Duran have always embraced new technology, becoming one of the first bands to work on their internet presence in 1997. But as the Web has grown, Duran Duran have seen their sales dip due to piracy.

"Do you really want to live in a world where there is only music created on reality TV shows?" Rhodes asks. "I don't think so."

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