Duran Duran-Iron Maiden Quiz

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Duran Duran-Iron Maiden quiz
Aidin Vaziri
Updated 03:06 a.m., Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two giants of '80s music are about to hit the Bay Area: Iron Maiden and Duran Duran. In their heyday, the bands couldn't be more different. One was a British act whose members wore tight leather pants, filled their songs with screaming guitar solos and made elaborate videos full of pyrotechnics, while the other, um, well ... actually that was both bands.

Still, kids growing up in the era had to pick a tribe: You were either a Metalhead or a New Romantic. You either worshiped Satan or John Taylor. You either spent countless hours staring at LP covers decorated with monsters or men in makeup.

But three decades later, is it possible to tell the bands apart based on their words alone? Take our quiz!

Which band wrote which lines?

1. "Now I am cold but a ghost lives in my veins,

Silent the terror that reigned,

Marbled in stone,

A shell of a man God preserved."

2. "You got sirens for a welcome,

There's bloodstain for your pain,

And your telephone been ringing,

While you're dancing in the rain."

3. "White man came across the sea,

He brought us pain and misery,

He killed our tribes, he killed our creed,

He took our game for his own need."

4. "Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised,

As they start to cry, hands held to the sky,

In the night, the fires are burning bright."

5. "Oh I walk out into the sun, I tried to find a new day,

But the whole place it just screams in my eyes,

Where are you now cause I don't want to meet you,

I think I'd die, I think I'd laugh at you, I know I'd cry."

6. "Walking through the city,

Looking oh so pretty,

I've just got to find my way,

See the ladies flashing,

All their legs and lashes,

I've just got to find my way."

7. "You've gone too far this time,

But I'm dancing on the Valentine,

I tell you somebody's fooling around,

With my chances on the danger line."

8. "High blood drumming on your skin,

It's so tight,

You feel my heat,

I'm just a moment behind."

9. "You walk through the subway,

My eyes burn a hole in your back,

A footstep behind you,

He lunges prepared for attack."

10. "Shake up the picture, the lizard mixture,

With your dance on the eventide,

You got me coming up with answers,

All of which I deny."

11. "Watching horror films the night before,

Debating witches and folklores,

The unknown troubles on your mind."

12. "First crystal tears fall of snowflakes on your body,

First time in years to drench your skin with lover's rosy stain,

A chance to find a phoenix for the flame,

A chance to die."

Iron Maiden: 7:30 p.m. Aug. 3. $33-$112.25. Shoreline Amphitheatre, 1 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View. (800) 745-3000. www.livenation.com.

Duran Duran: 7:30 p.m. Aug. 8-9. $59.50-$149.50. The Mountain Winery, 14831 Pierce Rd., Saratoga. (408) 741-2811. www.mountainwinery.com.

ANSWERS 01. Iron Maiden, "Powerslave." 02. Duran Duran, "The Wild Boys." 03. Iron Maiden, "Run To The Hills." 04. Iron Maiden, "The Number of the Beast." 05. Duran Duran, "Careless Memories." 06. Iron Maiden, "Prowler." 07. Duran Duran, "The Reflex." 08. Duran Duran, "Hungry Like The Wolf." 09. Iron Maiden, "Killers." 10. Duran Duran, "New Moon on Monday." 11. Iron Maiden, "Fear of the Dark." 12. Duran Duran, "A View To A Kill."

Aidin Vaziri is The San Francisco Chronicle's pop music critic. E-mail: avaziri@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @MusicSF

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