Duran Duran Fan Give Back in Korea

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To celebrate Duran Duran's third concert in Korea, fans prepared four rice wreaths to be displayed in the lobby of Olympic Hall where the concert took place. The rice wreaths were decorated with Welcome Messages for each member of the band (see photos). The rice was then donated to hungry children under the name of Duran Duran.

We wanted to thank the following fans for participating! : Cheolmin, Eujin, Eunae, Eunah, Eunhee, Heonah, Hyejeong, Jeongnam, Juhee, Junghye, Kyoungok, Munye, Nakyoung, Purumae, Sanghee, Sangmee, Seonghee, Yoonjeong, Youngju, Younglim, Youngmi, Youngshim