A Postcard from Simon (Buenos Aires)

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It may sound delusional, but one of the great things about this job, is the fact that time and time again, on an almost regular basis, we keep on having encounters with superlatives.

Last night's show at Lunar Park indoor arena, in Buenos Aires, was one such occasion. In the bus back to the hotel from the venue, as we sat in our soaked stage clothing, we all agreed it was possibly the best show that we'd ever played, and it certainly was the best audience we've played to in our career.

The crowd last night were Extraordinary. From the moment that we walked on stage, until well after the final curtain, when we could still hear them from the street where we stood outside the venue, the crowd were singing, chanting, dancing, jumping and generally making as much noise, and having as much fun, as is humanly possible.

It has left me feeling a little empty this morning, so roll on tonight's show, although last night's will be a hard act to follow.