A Postcard from John (Sao Paulo)

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I'm sitting on a bus, driving into Sao Paulo, after deplaning from Rio. It's almost six p.m. We'll be at the hotel soon and I can't wait. Getting bumped around in rush hour traffic is not terribly glamourous.

Great show in Rio last night, and it had been a long day. I wasn't expecting as much, but you never know which gigs are going to catch fire. This one did.

We have been in Sao Paulo a few times in recent months, yet we came here once in the 80's and never in the 90's. Feels like we are building something here in Brazil, the following is really strong and passionate. There were a lot of young kids in the crowd last night, just getting into the music, which feels good, y'know!

No show tonight, dinner with my niece-in-law Dani who is working down here. Roger is going to see the Ting Tings at midnight. I may go but... I'll probably be a pumpkin by then.

Everyone happy about the London show announcement, I like we are opening the Olympics! Not quite, but we'll be the action in the West End, that's for sure.

The more I think about the summer, the more excited I am to be touring Europe, especially ITALIA, then North America in August. And then the book...

It's going to be a busy few months.