A Postcard from Dom (Memphis)

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I am writing this having just got off stage at the Botanic Gardens in Memphis. I always get a special feeling performing in Memphis, due to it's musical history and the general air of magic, and tonight was no different. The 7,000 + audience were fantastic though I think we had to work a little harder at the beginning of the show due to the chairs and tables deal at the front but by the end it was as raucous as any Duran gig.

Our visit here began yesterday with a private tour of the slightly kitsch yet fascinating Graceland and coincidentally it was the 35th anniversary of Elvis's death so that also felt kind of special. We had the full tour of the house, the cars and the private jets.

We then went for a wild evening on Beale St (so as not to incriminate anyone all names have been omitted) and did a bar crawl of several joints in search of amazing live blues and soul music... some of the bands were great, some less great but after way too many tequila lime and soda's, who care's ? We ended up at BB King's Club dancing and drinking more until we were politely asked to leave as they were closing up.

Today has been a little tough to get through but it's self inflicted so I ain't moaning!!

We leave tomorrow and hopefully there is time to visit Stax Museum in the morning... I first came to Memphis in the mid 90's when I did a pilgrimage of all the major music hubs in the US and loved it then and have loved coming back every time since.

Until the next time I wish you all well and wish you were here!
Dom x