A Postcard from Anna (Rio de Janiero)

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Relentless rain in Rio, who cares we're still in Rio! With Sugarloaf and seeing Jesus off the to do list, did a very non committal gym work out and then overdosed on desserts at the All you can Eat buffet, Great! Simon Willescroft suggested Caipirinhas in the rain. I don't normally drink before the show as I said in my last postcard but it was chucking it down so we went for a beach hut pub crawl. We drank Caipirinhas under our hotel umbrellas and looked out at a raging sea pleasantly tipsy. A very sweet little Brazilian girl called Clarissa insisted on giving us Brazilian lessons. Just so you know the word for rain is 'Chuva'… thanks for reminding us little girl! I can't remember the Brazilian for 'do you two kiss! I taught her 'no' and 'don't be be so bloody cheeky'.

Back at my hotel room Dom brought me a copy of the new album he recorded with his Dad which I really love! Then did some slightly inebriated vocal warm ups and got ready for the gig. Despite my dressing room being flooded the show was fantastic. Special thanks to the wonderful Fernanda Takai who sang Ordinary World with Simon and suggested a few Portuguese phrases for me to say, and to the audience who sang most of the songs which made my job very easy. Thank you for that!

xox Anna