A Postcard from Anna (3 States!)

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Three States in a day! Woke up in North Carolina after a fantastic show in Durham the night before. That audience worked the band! So much energy, we loved every minute! Afterwards it was back to the hotel for an episode of "Breaking Bad.: Hooked on season 3 right now, as is Dom. Next morning went for a woodland run followed by a long steam, then got all packed and headed off to Portsmouth, Virginia. There was the usual all hands on chocolate when we got on the plane. That Green and Blacks is un-put-downable. Simon W defected to Swedish jelly fis, he likes to be different…Hey and we have MNDR on board. Loving her set! So great to have her with us. On arrival at Portsmouth we headed straight for the venue. Relaxed vibe back stage. Everything all set up, so some of the crew were catching rays or an afternoon post pint siesta…Took a leaf out of their book and passed out in the sun on the bank at the back of the venue. Later on headed to dressing room just as the rest of the band were arriving post massages. Amanda (MNDR) brought me in a copy of her album 'Feed me Diamonds,' can't wait to listen to that! So a very chilled band converged on catering. After a light meal (and a heavy desert), started getting ready for the show to the sound of both Simon's' warm ups and the end of Amanda's set merging into a unique pre-show sound that gets the adrenaline going.

What a show, such an amazing vibe again, loving the East side! And Leopard was in the set - that was a surprise, ha! Just noticed it was in a couple of seconds before it started. Shame we couldn't stay longer, the show finished on such a high, but we had a plane to catch to the third and final state of the day New York, familiar territory…but first some sleep xx zzzzz Anna