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Sitting here on a warm Peruvian balcony enjoying a long South American day as exotic birds sing (the feathery kind of course) in the midday haze, I feel a million miles away from our closing tour of 2011 - cold days, dark evenings and draughty British hotel rooms that shudder and shiver when the first bitter days of winter arrive...but what a tour! Had to be the best run of shows on British/Irish soil that I can recall in my time with Duran Duran, and when on a UK tour one cannot fail to recall the early 80's shows that were awash with hormone-fueled teenagers screaming at the mere glimpse of one of their 'teenage obsessions'...but this was something totally different, an audience that came in droves to listen, to watch, to hear our new work and to welcome us back to a world that is the closest to our hearts in every way. This tour was also so special because we were so intrinsically aware that Simon had really come back from the brink and had put so much work into re-rehabilitating himself to the point of a very personal salvation. UK tours are just so special to us..and who knows when the next one will be? So I continue to savour all the moments that will remain with me for years to come, and as I look back to 2011, I also recall all the great nights in America including Coachella, Madison Square Garden and the David Lynch filming of Unstaged to name but a few moments in an incredible year that also included the birth of a new son, Julian.

So here's to 2011 and hoping that 2012 brings another year of great adventures!

Wish You Were Here,