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Hi All,

It only feels like yesterday that we were performing to thousands of you every night and jet setting around the world!

The tour had been going so well, and the band seemed to be getting better, and stronger, each night so it was a bit of a disappointment having to cancel the last few shows due to Nick's illness. We all felt so badly about it.

There are some great aspects to touring, including visits to new and exotic places, but it's not long before I start missing the family, friends and home life... Ahh, the trials and tribulations of the touring musician! So as sad as we all were, I was also excited to see my family!

I arrived home to a large colourful 'Welcome Home Daddy' banner that my son had created and it was straight into family life... Floyd is becoming quite the 'little artist,' and the fridge - and some of the walls - are adorned with his latest works of art. Laila was beside herself and couldn't stop calling me by my new name, "papa". It was great to be home and be with Martha and the kids.

I initially spent a few days relaxing and catching up with family and friends before I jumped back into the world of music. A couple of weeks after arriving back I played at the Bedford in Balham with my Dad in our band, Blue to Brown... it was a really great night and, although I love playing with Duran, it was exciting to play something different.

Having spent the last few years writing and recording in a spare room in my home I finally made the transition from home studio to my first full blown studio and I have to say I love it! I'm renting a fantastic space in South West London with 2 rooms, including a live room and a control room, and am writing and recording for various projects... am treating it like a 9 to 5 and making sure I put the hours in.

It took me quite a few weeks to fully settle in as I had to buy new equipment, re arrange the layout and discover the best places to record in that particular environment. I've had a few really great sessions there already, and it was a lot of fun having our Roger Taylor jamming with me down there... he loved the sound and feel of the rooms! It has pretty much taken up most of my time since finishing the tour, and the novelty is not at all wearing off. By the way, I may as well take this opportunity to mention that I will be renting out my studio commercially a few days a month for outside clients and will have a dedicated website in a few weeks. Check the DD site and my site for more details!

I'm hoping to write and produce a lot of material between now and when I get back down to writing with Duran in March next year... by then we will be eager to write the next album!

You can catch me performing with my Dad in Blue to Brown over the next few months, and we are re-releasing the album in February and this time we have a PR company involved so look out for reviews etc. Please make sure to check my site, DomBrown.com, for the latest information, and I will definitely try and get the word over to the Duran site too!

All the best
Dom x

Dom and his dad performing together in Blue to Brown