We were there: Duran Duran at Verizon Theatre

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We were there: Duran Duran at Verizon Theatre
By Mario Tarradell / Music Critic
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Duran Duran brought cool stage decor to its Thursday night concert at Verizon Theatre. Think industrial sophistication with art deco flair. Four white faces hung above the platform used for projecting video images - band members' mugs, computer graphics, rotating disco balls and a Rubik's cube-like color scheme. On either side of the stage, two giant metallic arms held moving spotlights. During "Planet Earth" those arms became a picture frame bordering the stage's spacey vista.

Nearly three decades after its '80s heyday, Duran Duran still brilliantly merges music with motifs. That's but one of the reasons this band remains viable worldwide long after era counterparts such as Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears have lost their cachet.

There's also no shortage of classic and new material for lead singer Simon Le Bon and his band mates Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor to play. In concert the core four also employed a female background vocalist, a percussionist, a guitarist and a saxophonist. Much of the show centered around 2010's All You Need Is Now.

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