Watch This: “Girl Panic!” Music Video by Duran Duran

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Okay, so Jonas Åkerlund's long-awaited "Girl Panic!" music video is finally here. Is it everything fans hoped for and more? Hell yes. In case you're not a fellow Duran Duran obsessive, here's the deal— last year, the band tapped Mark Ronson​ to produce All You Need Is Now, easily their best album in two decades. The album taps into the edgy mix of post-punk, art rock, and new romantic synthpop that made their first couple records so interesting and cool... why not recapture the sprawling supermodel overload of their classic '80s videos, right?

Thus the "Girl Panic!" video—a nine-plus minute fashion-crazed epic starring Naomi Campbell​ as Simon Le Bon, Cindy Crawford as John Taylor, Eva Herzigova as Nick Rhodes​, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor, and Simon's wife Yasmin Le Bon​ as... every guitarist the band has ever had, basically.

Check it out: Girl Panic!

What do you suppose it says about me that, even with all those gorgeous women hanging around, my favorite part of the video is Nick Rhodes in that bellboy costume?

Åkerlund has directed some out of control classics in the past, and "Girl Panic!" is no exception—it manages to channel the exotic flair of Duran's early videos while winking and nudging at their 30-year history with a weathered sense of humor. Plus, let's face it, Duran Duran have been obsessed with girls for so long, it was only a matter of time before they actually turned into five of them. (Some faster than others, of course... love you, Nick.)

Fellow Duran Ologists, what did you guys think of the video? Hit up our comments section below, give us your first impressions.

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