Statement from Duran Duran Regarding the Hague

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It is with enormous regret that we have to finally admit defeat on the issue of a show that we were originally scheduled to play this past summer in the Hague, for two Dutch promoters called Ruud Wijkniet and Mark Van Den Bergh at The Hague Jazz BV. As you know, we were forced to reschedule almost five months of touring, while Simon recovered from a vocal injury sustained in Cannes in March. The date in the Hague was one of these shows, and since his recovery we have been working hard to try to find a new date with this promoter for early 2012. When we first started this process we had something in the books for late January, at the start of our European run, but as the announcement of the concert drew closer and we tried to lock down our deal with Ruud (because by that time Mark was no longer working with the company), he became harder and harder to reach and for the past three weeks we have not heard anything from him at all, despite our many attempts to make this work. We are aware that our fans have been trying to get refunds on tickets for the original show - and are extremely concerned that to date they have been unable to get this matter resolved. Obviously this is the responsibility of the promoter, who is still holding the monies from ticket sales to our show. We are hearing that the promoter has gone out of business (although this is still unconfirmed), but as we were never paid any money for this date either, and are without any kind of insurance for these shows, we find ourselves in the same unenviable position as our fans. We are enormously upset about this whole situation and wish there was something we could do. We will continue to put pressure on The Hague Jazz BV and if there is any way to get everyone refunded we will do our best to make this happen.

We're looking for a new promoter, and a new date, in the summer when we hope to come back to Europe to pick up all the other markets we weren't able to do in January.