Simon Le Bon Says He Is Not Good At Anything Else But Singing

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Simon Le Bon was devastated after throat problems forced him to scrap Duran Duran's summer concerts, which forced the singer to realize that he's "not good at anything else" but singing. We have to agree that singing is one of his best traits, and probably one of many good traits he has.

Le Bon was ordered to rest his damaged vocal cords in May, and the band canceled shows in response to doctor's orders. Le Bon subsequently underwent months of therapy for his voice, and readily admits the recovery process reaffirmed his love for performing!

WENN reports that Le Bon said, "It was demoralizing. It made me think about life and what it's all about and how much I appreciate having a voice. It's never happened before in 30 years and I realized I'm not good at anything else. I need to sing. For it to happen on stage was the worst thing, right in the middle of a set."

We can't wait to her Simon Le Bon sing again!

What's your favorite Duran Duran song? We are partial to "Hungry Like the Wolf." Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do.

—Amy Sciarretto/Artist Direct