Salt Lake Tribune reviews Duran Duran

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The four original members of Duran Duran — John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon — are still at it, today releasing their 13th studio album “All You Need is Now.” While it’s not the spiritual follow-up to the band’s iconic 1982 album “Rio” that fans have been waiting for, it’s also not the album you’d expect from famous producer Mark Ronson, noted for bringing soul back into vogue with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Adele. Instead, it’s a mixtape-inspired modern take on the new wave and disco bass lines that once propelled fans to rave with juices like wine, hungry like a wolf for a never-ending dance party. There are too many no-tempo tracks on here, but at its best, the fun quartet’s sleek synths and Le Bon swagger on tracks such as “Being Followed” and “Runway Runaway” teach the new kids of pop how to slither. Grade: B

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