A Postcard from Anna (New York City)

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Hi from New York!

After a fun night out with Chastity, her two friends, Dom, and Daniel and Pud from the crew, awoke late morning without a hangover which was a result! Suddenly remembered I'd researched a beginners Bikram Yoga place nearby and decided to try and make it. Ran around there just in time. The next 90 mins was hell as I realised I did in fact have a hangover and was confined in a claustrophobic heated room trying to contort my body into shapes and positions usually achieved by girl gymnasts. Left feeling elated if only due to the hallucinating effects of severe dehydration. Continued on health kick finding the nearest juicer and downing a turf of wheat grass and a harvest festival of vegetables. Went back to the hotel and passed out, hair of the dog would have been much simpler. Later on caught up with my friend, a native New Yorker Seaney who reminds me of a mini Tony Blair for some reason, not that I've ever told him. Then time to get ready for the show. Had my daily Spinal Tap moment trying to get into Madison Square Gardens, and ending up in some wasteland outdoor back stage area surrounded by loads of corrugated Iron winnebagos. Fantastic! Made it inside eventually to a corridor of bustling guests and VIP's. Very exciting pre gig atmosphere and Ana Matronic was guesting which made it even more exciting. We played a blinder, and the audience was F'ing great, so finished the show and partied hard at the Boom Boom rooms to celebrate!

Anna xxx

Photo courtesy Leigh Sanford