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John has offered to help out with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This is a news release from Sarah Graham, who take lead on Addiction & Recovery issues for Amy Winehouse Foundation; including drugs education for young people:

Dear Friends and interested parties,

Amy Winehouse Foundation is making great progress on creating a much-needed rehab for teens; in memory of Amy.

We are envisioning a beautiful safe sanctuary that will offer UK's teens world-class treatment facility and be a centre of excellence (including training and research) and include an holistic, dynamic, active, challenging and highly creative programme (art, music, writing, drama therapy) and, of course, equine therapy (Amy LOVED horses).

(if you haven't seen Teen Rehab? Yes Yes Yes! go here )

With the Olympics rushing towards us and the recent riots creating bad press around the world- AWF are offering hope- to families and young addicts through listening to their needs and taking action and initiative to put right the wrong of the UK having NO rehab for teens.

We are planning a concrete foundation on which to start rebuilding Broken Britain, helping the next generation; and saving society millions in the future.

Where will this new rehab be?

We are exploring a number of possibilities and are open to ideas.

Last week John Taylor, Mr Winehouse, Amy's management team and I visited a beautiful potential rehab site in rural Gloucestershire- quite near to the PM's home!

John took time out from rehearsing for Duran Duran's tour and is helping us with fundraising and international networking with artists and potential large donors.

Actor Richard E Grant has also pledged to help us (more info to follow)

AND...please put this in your news diary:

Mr Winehouse and I will be meeting Andrew Lansley, CBE, MP the UK Secretary of State for Health, to discuss teen rehab and seek ways to collaborate with the Gov; on October 13th @ 11.00