John Taylor’s Correspondencia

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Correspondencia is the second collaboration between Mexican artist Laureana Toledo and Duran Duran bass player John Taylor. Their first art show took place in Birmingham, England in 2009.

In this new piece, both artists talk about the importance of a base, how changing places moves your memories, how we are all intrinsically the same, no matter of your specific circumstances and upbringing.

This art piece consists of two simultaneous videos, where both Toledo and Taylor filmed the others' city, interrupted by a quasi abstract conversation and music from both cities. There is also a newspaper featured, with the transcript of the conversation - as if it were important news - designed by John Taylor and Patty Palazzo. The installation showcases an amp where you can hear the bass lines from a DD concert, recorded at the Fillmore in San Francisco. New additions to the Mexico show include a set of photographs and posters to give away, and a specialized record shop inside the museum.

You can learn more about attending this amazing installation by visiting this website : SAPS