Has it Really Been Thirty Years?

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Has it really been thirty years? Thirty years!... where does the time go? Well, you know what they say, 'thirty years ain't what it used to be...'

You know what is truly amazing about this anniversary deal, when I stop and think about it? When I think back to "Planet Earth'''s release, appearing on Top of The Pops for the first time, headlining our first London show the same night, and how incredibly exciting it all was... I feel the exact same sense of excitement now, about to leave for the airport bound for Dallas, and the first date of the year, the first time we get to perform new songs from AYNIN in front of a live audience. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and iTunes, who provided us the inspiration to get online and get involved, everything feels lively and fun again, we feel the excitement around us, and you feel our excitement.

How the hell did that happen? Well.. I've got to give that credit to the team . Team Duran, Nick, Simon, Roger and myself, but also Dom and Anna, the live crew, manager Wendy and her New York office, Katy who runs our online community. We're lucky to work with some of the best, most creative, sweet and fun types in the industry. And when you're having fun, time flies.

So drink a toast to thirty years of Duran Duran, and have one on us.
-John, February 2, 2011