Duran Duran: Tonight Tonight

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Duran Duran: Tonight Tonight

If anyone embodies the music and aesthetic of the 80's (aside from Hall and Oates), it would be Duran Duran. Unfortunately, few people of the millennial generation truly understand the glory of this iconic (ish) band.

When we mentioned heading out to this show, the overwhelming response was something along the lines of "Oh, I hope they play 'Hungry Like the Wolf'". Which is, to be fair, definitely one of their more recognizable songs songs - but when you think about it, Duran Duran helped to shape that eye-rolling, over-the-top, glitz and glam look that we have all come to know and love about the their era. They were the first band to use a professional director and 35 mm movie cameras to capture their music videos. They also brought on a stylist to make sure their look was on the cutting edge and super-chic. In the days before YouTube, that was kind of a big deal.

That ultimate 80's-style act of vanity leads us to the other stereotype associated with this band - they've changed hair styles and outfits nearly as much as they've changed their lineup. The SF Gate created a fantastic graphic in paint (which, honestly, makes it even more impressive) which captures their rise and fall via haircuts. It's sort of genius to be
honest. The Xs in the grid represent when drummers were in and out of the band like they were playin' hokey pokey and weren't worth the effort to draw up. Fair enough.

What is pretty impressive about this band other than its iconic status is how long they've managed to stay together. Despite being a pop band and a big part of a particular moment in time, they didn't end up just a flash in the pan like so many other bands of their time. They've managed to keep themselves together, in whatever form, and continue to rock out in smaller venues and huge stadiums.They're officially bringing the 80s back to Seattle--or at least Everett--at the Comcast Arena tonight. You can still grab a ticket to what will at least be a trip down memory lane if not a trippy experience all around. To give you a little taste of the excitement they'll bring tonight, here's one of their newest singles. See you at the show!

Tonight at Comcast Arena // Doors @ 7:00, Show @ 8:00pm // tix $49.50 - $75

Courtesy Seattlest.com