Duran Duran Rock Cannes Film Festival for AIDS Awareness

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The Cannes Film Festival isn't all about movies.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, the focus shifted to music as Duran Duran stole the spotlight for a good cause. The band took time out from touring and promoting their latest album, "All You Need is Now," to rock onstage at a party partly sponsored by the (RED) organization to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

"We feel that we help out wherever we can," lead singer Simon Le Bon said. "The (RED) organization is a very fine organization indeed. ... It seemed like a good thing for us to do."

The party was held at the exclusive VIP room and was hosted by Belvedere and (RED), which have teamed up and created a special addition bottle aimed at raising money to help fight HIV and AIDS.

Duran Duran has an emotional attachment to Cannes as one of their earlier records was made in the region.

"When we came to record our third album, we rented a big chateau just outside of Cannes in the mountains and spent all of our time writing, recording and coming down here to party in the evening, so great memories, really great memories of this town," said drummer Roger Taylor.

Courtesy of Billboard