Duran Duran Is Ready for Coachella, Not Ready for Twitter

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Duran Duran Is Ready for Coachella, Not Ready for Twitter
3/31/11 at 6:10 PM 3Comments

Eighties supergroup Duran Duran has sold more than 100 million albums and just released their thirteenth record, All You Need Is Now, last week. Last night the boys stopped by GoodUnits at Hudson Hotel to perform for Paper Magazine’s Absolut-sponsored Beautiful People party. Before the show, Vulture caught up with one-half of the group, keyboardist Nick Rhodes and drummer Roger Taylor, inside the sweltering hot green room, and talked to them about ravers and tweeting.

You guys were just at Ultra. How was that?
Roger Taylor Really interesting. The average age of the people was, like, 20, so it felt like we were a new band. Many of those kids didn't know our songs. We had to win over the audience.
Nick Rhodes It was a challenge.

What did you think of all the ravers there?
Rhodes I’m not sure the rave style is really my favorite fashion genre. But some of it is quite beautifully done. I saw an acid-pink jacket with spikes all over it. The person wearing it looked like an alien or something from 2026.

You’ll be playing Coachella later this month.
Taylor It’s very exciting for us. Coachella is a bit like Glastonbury in England — you need a certain amount of credibility to even get on the bill.

I know your bandmates are really into Twitter. Are you guys?
Taylor I am going to wait until the Queen starts tweeting, and then I will do it. She finally got Facebook, like five years after it started, and I am sure she is going to start tweeting.
Rhodes She already is, she just does it under a pseudonym.
Taylor Right, Lizzy something.

Courtesy NY Magazine