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Posted on: 8th of March 2011, 10:33 am

Thanks for waiting so patiently! We are now ready to announce the winners and finalists for Duran Duran's official music videos, from their new album All You Need Is Now.

Duran Duran, their management, and Genero.tv were inspired and amazed at all the talented entries we received. Here is the feedback alongside each winner and finalist.

All You Need Is Now
Winner: Hissora (Spain)
The food fight was our winner hands down, no competition. Loved it! This video is a spectacular example of what you can do with a simple idea when it's beautifully executed. It has attitude, style, and tremendous originality. Although in many ways it seems hugely irrelevant to the lyric of the song there is just something that works perfectly about it - but I suspect it could almost work for any song because it is so compelling to watch. Viva the creators!

Finalist: ian_gilbo (UK)
We have never seen the Lake District look more like a sound-stage. A clever idea to turn nature into an environment that looks like a studio set. We thought the light was particularly beautiful in this clip. However, although this had many captivating elements, it somehow felt disconnected from the message of the song.

Finalist: Hex (Australia)
An honorable mention to Josef Hecks who came up with an interesting concept, with some really beautiful shots and surprising edits that played with time and gave the film a surreal dimension.

Blame The Machines
Winner: urbanframe (Romania)
Whilst there was tough competition for this song, somehow this particular clip resonated on many levels. It is not only a good idea, but it's also extremely well thought out, and filmed. It's cool, gritty approach manages to bring an unusual perspective to the song. When a video can do this it adds another layer and draws you in to think about what may be behind the song. We knew when we wanted to watch this repeatedly that it was a winner.

Finalist: edgarone (Spain)
We really appreciated the anxiety in this clip. It's beautifully shot, styled and edited. It was well paced and matches the song perfectly. The locations are carefully considered and it truly achieves a certain tension that builds throughout. A very close runner up. Tough competition on this track.

Finalist: fedebar (Argentina)
Nick Rhodes: "Really, really loved the mime. Something I haven't seen visually work this well for a long time. Extraordinary editing, particularly in the choruses. The clip has a sense of humor which we think is important and have often utilized within our own videos (can still see the eyeballs right now as this is being typed....). Was within millimeters of being a winner and is certainly a winner on its own merit.

Finalist: paulonat (France)
Nick Rhodes: "Interesting take on the song - I hadn't actually realized that we, as a band, had focussed on the failure of machines before, but I guess Electric Barbarella did touch on the subject and this video certainly references that."

Finalist: NEW FOLDER (Romania)
This was very popular amongst the band. We've spent a long time on the road and it always feels like a video game... We appreciated the enormous amount of effort that was put into the CGI and general design. It's chic and modern and captures the mood of the song. Although somewhat literal, the idea of being inside a sat nav seems prescient in our world today, and the clip really is a great marriage of the music with visuals.

Finalist: johnnyblank (Australia)
An interesting idea with some really great shots.

Being Followed
Winner: Aleksey Khruslov (Russia)
Sometimes it's love at first sight. Once more it was the entirely unique concept which magnetically drew our attention, combined with the fact that every frame had been so lovingly created. From the opening frame it made us smile - such attention to detail - which has paid off in an enormously enthralling clip for this song.

Finalist: RiKyAN (France)
If there could have been two winners then undoubtedly this would have been the major contender. Many cinematic references, exquisite shots of the girl - particularly as she's removing the wig - and good pastiche of bungling special agents.

Finalist: Ed Jansen (Netherlands)
This song seems to have inspired some of the most creative and interesting visual treatments from the entire project. This particular video really stands out on its own as a remarkable piece of work. It is immaculate on every level. The concept enhances the song. We have a feeling this director is going to do extremely well.

Finalist: Jacob Santer (Norway)
Nick Rhodes: "I saw the Blair Witch Project when it first came out and remember not being so impressed, but interestingly when I saw this, which reminded me of that film, I thought it looked very modern. So maybe I just didn't get it at the time..."

Finalist: nikolaj13 (Germany)
A clever video with fantastic production.

Leave a Light On
Winner: paul (Poland)
John Taylor: "Always great to see modern animation. Never ceases to amaze me, whatever the technique, how non-human imagery can evoke such strong emotions. Really a great clip."

Finalist: andyp89 (Australia)
Sadly beautiful and a real winner for color concept. Andrew has an eye unlike others - which is a rare yet evident talent. This cinematic approach sits beautifully with the song but somehow it was almost too tragic.

Finalist: Orlando (Spain)
Roger Taylor: I thought the choice of location was suitably fitting for the song. It created a mood and emphasized the melancholic lyric. Impressively filmed and very cinematic looking - which again complements the song. The floating light effects are unique and memorable. This alone contributed greatly to making this a very strong contender.

Finalist: yosslevi (Israel)
Nick Rhodes: "Had I been alone in this choice, this may well have been the winner. I instantly related to the imagery and felt it connected entirely with the song. Some exceptional ideas, which are beautifully executed. And who doesn't love vinyl?"

Finalist: cineman (Serbia)
We particularly loved the use of polaroids! The clip has a lilting, dreamy effect and blended well with the melodic structure of the song. An interesting concept for this piece of music that has been well executed.

Finalist: Teglerfilm (Sweden)
A beautiful and emotional piece of work.

Safe (in the Heat of the Moment)
Winner: ACMC (USA)
The reason this is an undoubted winner is because of the performances - which have incredible personality. Part Spike Jonze, part Strictly Ballroom. Simply irresistible.

Finalist: color chart (USA)
Simon Le Bon: "This was a close call. I have to say I've not seen this idea before and it was an unusual concept for this track but somehow it seems to fit impeccably. Digital technology has revolutionzed the way we all look at life but in a strange way it's also made original ideas harder to conceive. This video achieves that by using technology but somehow preserving naivety.

Finalist: Terje (Finland)
We liked the snowmen, and thought this was a good idea, but the carrot rather spoiled it!

Finalist: raffyfrancisco (Philippines)
Although I'm never one to dispute a male fantasy and thought this was a hugely appealing concept with great potential, ultimately it felt as though there were too many cliches to make it the winner.

Finalist: Matt Phantom (UK)
Cool mix of multi media graphics and SFX.

Finalist: Viktor Horvath (Hungary)
A unique and very entertaining piece of work, but just lacked the production quality of other entries.

Girl Panic !
Winner: Alanhughes1 (UK)
This was the clear winner. Always great to see new graphic design, and interestingly for this song we had not expected it.

Finalist: Leo Horsfield (UK)
A tremendous amount of thought obviously went into telling this story - and the footage is both cinematic and striking.

The Man Who Stole The Leopard
Winner: UNHIT! VIDEOS (Mexico)
Hip, stylish, and right on the mark. Brings something new to the song. Great use of visual effects and perfectly cast. Love it.

Finalist: Amoeba Films (USA)
Although perhaps a little bit too literal, this beautifully shot clip definitely references everything we have said about the song: Peter Beard, Grace Jones, and The Collector.

Finalist: jethromassey (France)
Loved the idea of a costume drama - and the fact that it is an extremely interesting take on the song. Very well executed in terms of styling on every level and had some really great moments.

Finalist: Maciek (Poland)
Another quite literal interpretation of the song, the pace and the mood really suited.

Runway Runaway
Winner: Letrek (Poland)
Of all the entries for every song, this is a standout video for its advanced use of video effects. Whilst they are all available nowadays for everyone to use, it takes someone with a vision to actually find the right way to present them in an idea like this. This video is exemplary in that respect and has many other qualities too. A few years ago, this would have won any number of MTV prizes. We will be interested to see what this director does next - especially with a bigger budget.

Finalist: J.Lowe (USA)
Great idea and the young girl is quite magnificent. This was a really tough choice. The narrative of the story takes the song back a generation further than I think we were picturing when we wrote the song, but the irony is that in reality it's not actually so many years difference. Very well cast and executed - and holds up to repeated viewing!

Finalist: vjflux (Hungary)
Nick Rhodes: "My personal favorite for styling, casting and use of color. Because of my weakness for mannequins and a good frock I felt somewhat isolated holding my hand up to vote but genuinely love how this works with the song."

Before the Rain
Winner: andyp89 (Australia)
Simon Le Bon: "Girl on a farm raging against the "dying of the light". Beautiful colour and sense of the song's rhythm. I love the dust, the strung out rags - reminds me of Tibetan prayer flags."
Nick Rhodes: "Sublime and heartbreaking. It's rare to find someone who has such a beautiful vision and the ability to bring that to life. In this case it was crystal clear. Story line, casting, colors, cinematography, editing and passion are all in sync. Without doubt one of the most inspiring videos I've seen for not only one of our songs but any song for some time.

Finalist: Kris (Spain)
This could have easily won for this song had it not been for such strong competition. The idea complements the track well and the overall concept of the video stretches well beyond that. We very much appreciated that the director extended the piece and used other sounds and effects to create his work. The choice of actors is faultless and some of the cinematography is unusually good. The clip is successful in capturing the sadness and intention of the song.

Finalist: RiKyAN (France)
An unusual take on the song. Strange characters and widescreen camera work.

Finalist: Ari Evasio (Argentina)
Immaculately filmed. An unusual take on the song but actually appropriate and sobering. One of the things that has been a true revelation watching all of the videos that people have contributed has been the breadth of ideas which stem from the same song. If this had been presented to us as a video concept I suspect as a band we may have chosen it based upon its bravery and relevance to our world today.

Finalist: Amoeba Films (USA)
Nick Rhodes: "This may come as no surprise to many people that I rather liked this one. Always find a little Goth in the morning helps the day go better and actually can help the evening too. Fabulously choreographed and I don't think any of us could complain about the casting. Looks great. Unique idea. This team can come and make films for me any day you like.

Finalist: marco martini (Italy)
Beautiful cinematography and editing, especially the transition from white to black.

Finalist: Ariel Martin (Australia)
This felt as much like a short film, as it did a music video. A unique story told by a young film maker with a big future!

Once again, congratulations not only to the winners and finalists above, but to everyone who entered. We hope you enjoyed making your videos as much as we enjoyed watching them!