Duran Duran ‘All You Need Is Now’ Tour Review

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Perhaps one of the most buzzed about tours across the country right now is that of the internationally renowned UK superstars Duran Duran. Denver, CO was lucky enough to score front row tickets with a stop on their tour at the sold out Ogden Theater on April 20, 2011. The more intimate venue served up a rare opportunity for fans to catch an up close and personal glimpse of a band who has sold out arenas. And after receiving some pretty compelling reviews of their performance at Coachella last weekend the crowd eagerly anticipated their one exclusive experience.

Rather than riling up the anticipating crowd with an opening act Duran Duran chose to play a 45 minute video montage from their extensive music video library. It served its purpose well as the crowd cheered for their favorite songs and seemed equally as entertained and engaged as they would be with an opener. The lights came up on the band taking the stage as did the energy and electricity in the venue.

Opening with the electronically fused track “Planet Earth” and immediately following it with “Hungry Like the Wolf” the voracious Denver based audience’s appetite for hits intensified. And the veteran artists didn’t disappoint lacing the set with tracks like “Notorious”, “Ordinary World” and climaxing with “Rio”. The band proved they still know how to work a crowd and provide a quality performance working the crowd as masterful puppeteers would, pulling the right strings to cause the sold out crowd to dance relentlessly.

This is absolutely one of this season’s must see concert events. Duran Duran has earned the respect of millions and their live show is still an unforgettable experience!

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