Day 3: Coachella’s Goods, Bads and Uglys (feat. Kanye West, Duran Duran, PJ Harvey and the Hilton Sisters)

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We came, we saw, we sweated off four pounds of water.

Kudos to the Coachella organizers for turning the Empire Polo Grounds into a people-organizing machine. Lines were long, but everything kept moving.

Let's look at Sunday's GOODs, BADs and UGLYs...

GOOD: Duran Duran. The boys from Birmingham played a mix of hits ("Rio," "Hungry Like the Wolf," "Notorious") and new stuff ("Girl Panic," which sounded straight out of 1985) before Simon Le Bon appeared onstage in a white tux coat and black bow time and dedicated the next one to 007 composer John Barry. It was time for "A View to a Kill." And so we dance into the fire...

​BAD: Balloon trouble. When you have really long strings loaded up with balloons crisscrossing the park, you're bound to get some tangles. #FirstWorldProblems

GOOD: Hot guys. On Saturday we looked at ways people were keeping cool, but our selections admittedly were a bit heavy on butts, breasts and bikinis. Wendy Gilmartin settled the score with photos of hot guys. Touche.

GOOD and BAD: Kanye West. The festival's finale started out with such a bang, only to fade away into the cool night. Could it have ever been enough?

GOOD: Cellphone reception. Maybe AT&T got its coverage issues worked out. Maybe enough iPhones moved to Verizon to free space up. Whatever happened, we actually got decent reception all weekend long. Breaking news: We totally started liking AT&T again before everyone else started liking AT&T again.

UGLY: The crowd at Lightning Bolt. And we don't even mean ugly in a bad way. Just bloody, and rough, and hostile. Like the crowd at Duran Duran, but the exact opposite.