Cannes: Celebs, Parties and a Horse!

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When I was offered the opportunity to go to the Cannes Film Festival for a weekend to celeb spot and mingle with A-listers, I jumped at the chance! We're talking about the most glamorous occasion on the showbiz calendar; who wouldn't want to go along and at least pretend to be a VIP for a couple of days?

Duran Duran

The first thing on my to-do list was to meet legendary pop group Duran Duran, something I was keen on given that I'm a huge fan of their music. C'mon... who doesn't belt out Save A Prayer when in the shower?

The band were in Cannes to perform a one-off gig at the European launch of Belvedere Red vodka, a special edition of the brand which will raise money for the Global Fund, the world’s leading financer of programs to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

I got to talk to DD’s Simon LeBon and Roger Taylor about their take on the music industry at the moment, who they’d love to work with and their favourite Brit stars.

SLB revealed he’d love to work with Tinie Tempah and that he was actually approached by the young rapper at the Brit awards in February, expressing a desire to collaborate! (The idea of a TT and DD collab excites me somewhat… imagine a mash-up of Rio and Frisky!)

On the current ‘state’ of the music industry, RT was positive and claimed it’s an “exciting, vibrant world”. When asked why he thought there was so much great music coming from UK artists at the moment, he reckoned it’s because “everyone is miserable due to the weather, so they’re stuck indoors on the guitar, writing songs!” Fair enough.