Best & Worst Moments of Coachella: Day 3

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With their creased smiles, dapper blazers, and overall air of Euro-aristocracy, the gentlemen of Duran Duran have, over the years, morphed from their early '80s image of playboy dandies to 2011, where they could be mistaken for villains in a James Bond movie. Actually, forget I said that: With the puppetmaster-like control they showed over the giant crowd at the main stage -- who sang along with each and every chorus of lush pop classics like "Rio," "Girls on Film," and "Hungry Like the Wolf," and about a dozen others that are currently lying dormant in your brain -- these guys could probably raise an army and threaten to blow up earth unless the world's leaders ponied up a trillion dollars. Stay on the side of good, Duran Duran. For all our sakes. -- DAVID MARCHESE