All You Need is Art Facebook Contest

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We've been paying a lot of attention lately and have been very impressed with the artwork we see from Duran Duran fans all over the Internet (and, by proxy, all over the world!), so we're excited to give you guys a chance to get noticed by the band. Our latest fan contest is called All You Need Is Art! and you can check it out on Facebook by Clicking here

What do you have to do? If you're feeling especially arty/creative/motivated, submit artwork you've created that is inspired by "All You Need Is Now" - that simple! Any type of art is permitted, as long as you can upload a single, amazing image of it for the contest. We want to see anything from sculptures to street art to computer-generated masterpieces. The art must be created by you and only you, and should not highlight any third-party trademarks, although you are welcome to use images owned by Duran Duran (album art, promo photos and the like). You must be 18 or older to enter.

After the submission period ends, we'll open the contest to fan voting, so even if you're not the artsy type, you can still participate by coming back to vote on what YOU like best. After the fans choose their top ten favorites, Simon, John, Nick and Roger will choose a grand prize winner from those top ten. Yes, you read that right -- the grand prize winner will be determined by the band themselves. The prize is pretty cool too (involving a concert and a chance to meet the guys), so really, encourage every one you know to enter so even if you don't create the art, your very-talented-potential-winner-friend can take you with them!

This contest is designed specifically and exclusively to recognize and reward the creativity of Duran Duran's incredible fan base. We don't intend to use your work commercially or for profit.

The band can't wait to check out all the submissions -- so in the immortal word of our favorite lead singer, "Andiamo!"