A Q&A with John Taylor!

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How do you think you’ve changed as people over the years? And how has your music changed?

We are more respectful to each other's space, more caring.. music is kind of the same as it was, in a way. Techno-rock fusion with modern pop awareness. That's what we go for, and a little poetry doesn't hurt.

Good and bad for now and then?

I like working with iTunes, they are positive and excited about their role in today's music industry. When we signed to EMI in 1981 they were the greatest record company in the world, incredible. You could go from floor to floor in their Manchester Square HQ checking in on Asia, Europe, USA, UK, press, A & R.. it was all under one roof and everyone knew what they were doing. The last few years have been hard on the music industry, it has just righted itself and songs are selling in big numbers again- but it's a digital on-line world. Vinyl is good too. Before it was the standard, now it's like vintage wine- to be savored and appreciated whenever possible.

Nick is the most driven person I know, always has been, but Simon too; they're both exceptional folk to be in business with. Roger has always been the easiest guy to be around. I'd go anywhere with him.

What do you think of TV shows like the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent?

no interest whatsoever...

Who influenced you while you were growing up?

My Mom Jean and Dad Jack. Mom loved pop music, and glamour... My Uncles and Aunts, my Nan... I loved sleep-overs at her house. She had a piano, the only musical instrument in the family. We were close-knit, I felt very loved and recognized... Then the glam rock stars moved in: Bowie, Ferry, Rod... then punk!

Who do you admire today — and why?

Anyone who does what they do hugely well, and that is true to themselves. I believe in authenticity- I only like actors when they are playing roles, not in real life.

Princess Diana was a huge fan of Duran Duran — what do you remember about meeting her?

She was like the most elegant and graceful girl I had ever met. Seemingly impervious to my charm. Rather shy, in fact...

Any other fans who have made an impression?

The ones who stick around, keep coming back after years and years... with kids, marriages, divorces... we welcome them back like lost children who have found their way back to the cult!...

What’s your favourite Duran Duran single — and why?

I don't think I have one... but today I would say 'All You Need is Now,' It reminds me of the older hits, but is fresh and now sounding

Proudest achievement in work or home life?

Second marriage.

What makes you angry?

When technology falters on me, frustrates me

Describe a typical week.

It's important for me to stay in touch with friends, family and associates, wherever I am, whatever the weeks agenda. I don't like feeling isolated. I'm insatiable for new musical experiences, reading experiences and old movies. I'm more interested in current affairs when in England, because I care more about English society. California feels like the great escape.

Favourite holiday destination?

My wife and I are such workaholics, we joke about it, we've not taken a holiday in years. Luckily we love where we live.

Favourite film?

'North by Northwest'

Who is the style king of the band?


Who’s the fittest?


And who’s the funniest?


Five words to describe you . . .

A liar, a tart, a sweetheart, a fan, a man's man

How romantic are you and will you be sending a Valentine?

But of course, even wives need a little romance on Valentine's day