A Postcard from Simon W (Chicago)

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It has been a fantastic tour so far and we've been spoiled with nearly 5 weeks of hot weather in amazing places like LA and Florida. That all changed today when we hit the cold and "windy" city of Chicago! I have to say though that for me, Chicago always has a kind of wintry magic to it and I always look forward to coming here around this time of year. Anyway, enough about the weather…..

One of the many great things about touring with Duran Duran is getting to perform in such a fantastic variety of different venues (Sometimes just playing "arena" shows back to back you can forget which city you're in as they are all so similar.) Tonight was no exception as we arrived at the beautiful and majestic "Chicago Theatre," which has been staging legendary artists since 1921. As we walked through the door, the first thing we noticed was that every wall of the entire back stage area was covered in autographs and messages from artists who had played there… Luckily there was still a bit of space left for the DD signatures! We then went on to play an electric, sold out show to a fantastic audience. I'm loving the set list at the moment. It has a great balance of hits and new songs. I'm also enjoying getting to play "Tiger Tiger" for the first time ever in my Duran career. (By the way, exactly a month ago marked 5 years since my first show with the band in Warsaw, Poland!)

So, only 1 week left on this North American leg of the tour. Looking forward to the UK in December and then next year…..the world!!!

Simon W x