A Postcard from Simon (The Three B’s)

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Post card from home.

Three Bs in a row; they (just who is THEY by the way?) just lovz putting the hardest part at the beginning of the leg. I'm not complaining; I feel like I'm singing better than ever. Two beautiful seaside towns Brighton - blustery & excited - 1st show everyone a little bit nervy & even I know that the sound in that dirt-box is crapper than crap in a crapper. But hey, we hit it, and it did fly.

Bournemouth, to quote: "I've seen things (there) you people haven't even dreamed of." and will only ever get to read about in the posthumous biog. Anyway, the house rocked, like the boat full o'my ol' sailing pals that it was.

Birmingham: Duran Duran hit a home run, in more ways than one. Possibly the best show we've played in our birth place... Home Town Glory... crowd on their feet from "Planet Earth" (2nd song) 'til the lights came up.

Late drive back, "Whiskey in the Jar". God but I lovz a day off.