A Postcard from Roger (Philadelphia)

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I'm writing from Philadelphia , back on the East Coast on a lovely sunny early 'fall' day. My favourite time of the year and no where better to be to experience that first bite of crisp air that creeps into North America around this time...I love it, as I look out of my window to the famous 'Rocky' steps, I am reminded of growing up in the middle of England, where seasons are extremely defined and each one signals the onset of a brand new chapter in life...be it the dreaded start of a new school term, the beginning of a new football season, or a fresh tier of bands performing at my most beloved concert venue Birmingham Town Hall, who's Palladian architecture is closely echoed by the Philadelphia Art Museum across from my hotel room.

I am approximately 12 days away from heading back to London to see my 'nearest and dearest,' but I am enjoying every
minute of this tour and don't really want it to end. We seem to have come back against all the odds from 'the dog days of
a Duran Duran summer ' to a band that is back to full strength. Each show has got better and better, Simon stronger and stronger, the band tighter and tighter, the production sharper and sharper - and I would like to give a big shout out for Chastity Ashley, the newest member of 'team Duran', who has come in and delivered a sterling job on percussion during this leg of the tour - and, of course, our legion of loyal U.S fans that just keep coming back for more and more...

In fact, the whole thing is starting to remind me of a prize fighter that has been knocked out cold in the first round only to come back fighting to win in the 12th..ha...go Mr Balboa!!! Can't wait for the U.K tour!

See you soon

Rt x