A Postcard from Dom (Baton Rouge-Alabama-Palm Beach)

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8th Oct was a long, but interesting and memorable day.

It began with breakfast at the hotel in Baton Rouge, which set me up for a vigorous walk around the area and its many interesting and quirky tenements.

Later we took the Jet to Mobile, AL to headline the Bayfest festival which was a lot of fun.

We then did a wet runner from the stage to the Jet for Palm Beach. It was a fairly bumpy ride due to the heavy storms and landing was a little scary to say the least. For some reason when we got to the hotel at 3am I felt compelled to go for a dip in the sea and asked who was coming... Anna and Chastity were the only takers. The waves were ferocious but the water and air unbelievably warm... it was a magical, if not a little dangerous, moment. A few nights later we managed to get Mr. Le Bon in there for an equally magical and surreal moment... In total contrast to the few nights before, the sea was totally calm and tranquil with hardly a ripple and a full moon lit everything beautifully.

See you soon!

Dom x