A Postcard from Anna (Liverpool)

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Any one for luminous pink! An outfit has emerged for me from Jeffery's wardrobe room and it's luminous pink. Did I mention already it's luminous pink? I'm so startled by the colour I don't know what I think about it.

Those in the know inform me that it's a cool reference to the 80's and pays homage to one designer in particular, so anyone who's thinking Knots Landing meets luminous condom, shame on you! I wore it for the Cardiff show last night. Fantastic clothes for a fantastic crowd. Really enjoyed the show. John felt to balance things up it might make sense for Dawne to wear luminous pink also. She's bedazzled at the prospect, as she felt her current super steel grey sequined coat already had the "wow!" factor. Jeffrey, you're our hero! Shame we couldn't stay long after the show but needs must. We sped away into the night to dance another day....

Dec 9, 2011