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It's over two and a half weeks since I got 6 semi-tones wiped off the top of my range and to be perfectly honest with you, nobody, myself included, has really been able to explain what has happened. It's quite difficult not to obsess; it's very difficult not to worry about it.

I regret terribly having to have cancelled the shows that we have. I know that there are many fans who've traveled great distance to see us. I regret terribly the inconvenience caused to all of you; the money that you've spent on shows which haven't happened - I'm very sorry about that.

The shows will of course be re-scheduled. "When?" people ask me; "when?" I ask myself. the simple fact is that I don't know when. It already seems like an awful long time of not singing to me.

What I do know is that I'm spending an awful lot of time seeing specialists: three otorhinolaryngologists, a speech and voice therapist, a vocal coach, a physio-therapist who specialises in the laryngeal musculature, and of course my super-osteopath brother Jonathan Le Bon. It's been a long time sitting in London traffic between appointments. last Thursday I saw five different practitioners in one day. It's hard work.

And I have to tell you that through it all, I have received the goodwill and unconditional support of Nick and John and Roger; and also from you, the fans; from my family, my friends; from Katy, from Wendy, Sharon and all at Magus Entertainment; all those who I work with.

I can't tell you how grateful that makes me feel. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding and patience.

You will help me prevail.

Simon Le Bon